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    Crossout 0.8.25

    New pack ‘Arachnophobia’ Unique armored car ‘Tarantula’ on mechanical legs ML-200; Weapons - 3 ‘Rapier’ autocannons; Unique cabin ‘Steppe Spider’ of epic rarity. Unique hero portrait: ‘Spyder’.Discover your predatory nature! No one will be left cold after the first encounter with Spyder. Cans with unique dyes: ‘Camouflage: Spiderweb’ and ‘Camouflage: Crater’.Mysterious craters, a spider web or a bit of both? Make your armored car as unique as possible! Increases the maximum number of parts used to 60; 3000 in-game coins.

    20 december 2017 22:46 2176

    what is the game size, how much space it required to install on pc?

    7 may 2018 12:25 2176

    Wow fantastic game

    21 may 2018 22:30 2176

    this was awesome. i finished all tasks ^^

    22 june 2018 02:57 2176

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