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    Problem with FPS SOLVED

    Well, after been playing a while, sudenly my FPS disapeared; i was playing with 40fps (more or less) in battles, which was ok for me (even having an I7 6700Hq, 16GbRam and GTX960M), but yesterday they become only 20FPS, 25FPS in the best case; How that can be posible... Well, afhter read the topics on the forum, i realised that i was runing the game with the Intel Graphics; ok, that do not explain why my FPS went so low (i didnt touch nothing on the game options by the way) I tryed to change the Intel for the Nvidia in the Control Panel; i did it, but even with this change the FPS keep in 20-25; Finally i tryed this: make right click over the icon on the desktop and there in the options of the Graphic prcessor i swiched the Intel for the Nvidia, and now the game is runing in 60FPS Hope this can be useful for you despite my bad english;

    18 december 2017 22:49 2176

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