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    Test launch of the game server for North America and Canada

    This week we will be running the first test session of the Crossout ‘America’ server. This server will be based in the US to provide North American and Canadian players with the best gaming experience. We invite all players to join Crossout CBT on the ‘America’ server from 13th to 19th of June. You can specify your preferred gaming server in the game settings. By default, the server selection is automatic. Anyone who completes three special tasks in the game during this week will be rewarded with a unique portrait and new ‘stars’ and ‘stripes’ dyes. Crossout universe now has a new PvP mode ‘Storm Warning’ where players can earn coins! There are no teams, it's every man for himself. It's not easy to survive in the new mode, and winning is both honourable and profitable. Only the one to survive in a deadly battle and become the last man standing will receive the reward.

    18 december 2017 22:36 2176

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