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    Best videos since the start of the OBT

    So, how are you, Survivors? And how are the first days of the Open beta-test? I see that some of you have achieved incredible results! Aaah, yes, I’ve met my old buddy Pete not long ago. Despite his...khhmm…a bit strange behaviour, he was quite happy and polite - smashed just a bunch of guys out there. During this optimistic way to spend free time he noticed, that all the newcomers only rejoice him and the faction prospers. Also, I’ve just met Scar, but it’s almost impossible to hear more, than a couple of words from him. “As good as it gets” - that’s all that I’ve heard. Well, enough talk! Wash the oil and dirt from your hands! I’ve got some fresh videos since the start of this long-awaited and epochal event! These are even better with a tasty supper! Perhaps you’ll learn something worthwhile…

    18 december 2017 22:36 2176

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