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    best movie of 2019

    alot of films came out last year 2019 like alot, and majority of them were great, spectacular. but which did you enjoy the most out of them all? in the order of 1. Horror 2. Comedy 3. Action

    22 april 2020 17:23 1628

    When I watch movies I LOVE to make funny or rude comments- especially in horror.
    1. I made fun pennywise's plastic-like hair and tried to explain to him that licking glass is very unhealthy.
    2. Can't decide their tooooo funny!
    3. Dora The Explorer---- hehhehehehehe

    22 april 2020 17:29 1628

    watch the platform it's a good movie from 2019

    22 april 2020 17:37 1628

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