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    Apocrypha/Inheritance of Glory

    Apocrypha collaboration announced and begins on the 24th:


    Raids. Lots of raids. Farm your hearts (and fangs, and gears...) out because these ones are some doozies. One thing to note is that they are different than the Rashomon and Onigashima ones: masters need to get a certain number of BATTLES, not HP, for each boss. Meaning if you can't farm the most difficult raid, don't try to stall for 15 turns if you can drop down and clear the one below in 5 or 6. They are all counted the same towards the global quota, and the drops aren't much worse anyway. And save farming currency for later when all the raids finished, you'll have plenty of time.

    The welfare this time is Sieg, a decent caster by virtue of having NP5 only. So-so in all things, he's as bland as his portrayal in Apocrypha. That said, not many welfare are on Kintoki or Shiki level anyway, so don't be too hard on the dude. And hey, he's got a 30% NP charge skill meaning you can NP turn 1. That's something.

    22 april 2020 16:38 5133

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