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    Witch hunt in Crossout!

    Hello, Survivors! Once again this is radio ‘Voice of the Wasteland’ with great news. Summer may be over, winter is coming, and the earth is covered with shells and fallen leaves, but this is no reason for melancholy! Remember, there used to be a holiday before the catastrophe, when children were given sweets, if they dressed in scary costumes? Well, now we all have just the opposite — we give out ostentatious decor and paint in exchange for dangerous sweets! Scouts unearthed a warehouse with chocolate coins in the ruins of the Sepulchre, which became very toxic after years spent under the influence of aggressive external environment! Raiders stole several boxes that the Engineers did not have time to destroy, and now dangerous sweets can be anywhere! To protect everyone from the deadly danger, Ivy picked up a broom, made a hood and announced the beginning of the Witch Hunt .If you find toxic candy, do not try to eat it, but immediately bring it to her!

    17 december 2017 22:47 2176

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