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    Ranked matches are launched again!

    In order to take part in the ‘Ranked matches’ mode, the survivor needs to have reputation level 10 with the Engineers and have an armored car with at least 3000 PS. Ranked battles take place in 4v4 format. A new team matchmaking system is enabled for this mode. It accounts for the rating, assigned to each player (initially — 1500). With this parameter in mind, players are chosen for battles regardless of their car's Power Score. Once a player gains a rank, he is awarded a league and its frame is automatically displayed around the portrait. If the player's team wins, his rating grows. If he loses, it decreases. At the end of each week, the player's rating is reset and he gets to one of the top positions of the previous league. Then the player needs to win one fight to return to the next league. Rewards for winning ranked matches: 1st place — 300 coins 2nd place — 150 coins 3rd place — 100 coins 4th place — 90 coins 5th place — 80 coins 6th place — 70 coins 7th place — 65 coins 8th place — 60 coins 9th place — 55 coins 10th place — 50 coins 11 — 20 places receive 200 units of scrap metal 21 — 30 places receive 100 units of scrap metal At the end of each week, rating is rounded to a fixed value of player skill level: 2200 2000 1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 — below this value the player loses 10 points instead of 25 after each defeat. 800 — below this value the player does not lose rating after defeats.

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