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    Use joystick's throttle AND mouse wheel for throttle

    Hallo, War Thunder provides the ability to toggle control modes (in my case via [A]) from realistic to simplified to mouse aim. My problem: If I set the joystick throttle as throttle in the simplified- / realistic- / full-real-menu, then these options are also copied into the mouse aim-menu. So the mouse wheel won't work as thottle, if I switch to mouse control. And If I set the mouse wheel as throttle in the mouse aim-menu, then these options are copied into the simplified- / realistic- / full-real-controls => joystick throttle won't work. If I switch from mouse- to joystick-control there should also be a switch from mouse wheel to joystick trottle! How do I install both? Can you help me, please?

    15 december 2017 22:36 11

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