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    Can you get level 17 in 20 days?

    I did this offer but it seems to be rather fast at the beginning but slows down incredibly later. It slows down incredibly. Furthermore, one event leads to another, which requires a chain of upgrades which further create the illusion it is achievable. It is fully possibly to be finished in 20 days but it requires absolute planning. At the very beginning, try to get as far as possible and leave the building projects overnight to finish. This helps decrease the time wasted. I got level 16 in 20 days just because I wasted time initially. It seems I get nothing.

    21 april 2020 17:41 3275

    yeahhh maybe

    21 april 2020 19:07 3275

    I am on day 8 rn and level 12 city hall, I think it's possible. I have played for 8 days straight. You just have to be committed and used your speed ups correctly.

    5 may 2020 19:03 3275

    Veeerrrry hard.I have played this game a while befire and after two months, I only reached lv 11.Its possible, but HARD.

    5 may 2020 20:22 3275

    yes. it is comparatively easier. you shluld concentrate more on the city hall upgrades than any other thing like fighting or campaign

    6 may 2020 04:07 3275

    I think its possible because in only now day I am on level six

    6 may 2020 18:44 3275

    i dont think its possible without so much focus

    12 may 2020 15:41 3275

    Well you can but its hard

    12 may 2020 15:46 3275

    this callange looks hard and i will not try it

    12 may 2020 18:46 3275

    This is no easy

    12 may 2020 23:14 3275

    Yes but can't miss anytime on it need to be on there a lot and follow tutorials

    13 may 2020 14:03 3275

    It is most likely impossible to get to town hall lvl 17 in 20 days because you need to spend about $2,000 to get to it

    13 may 2020 14:51 3275

    wellis hard too but if you put in time and effort it is possible im yet to do it myself

    13 may 2020 15:36 3275

    I hit lvl17 on my town hall in 13 days with moderate effort. Lots of checking in, and a bit of messing around getting a stable guild.

    72 hours since completing the task though and no soul gems. My last two tasks have been denied too, so I'm quite nervous about getting anything from this!

    13 may 2020 16:22 3275

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