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    Just Dance 2020 - Review

    You will know the meaning of Just Dance 2020 when you read its name, it is true, all you do with the game is follow the dances that appear on the screen in front of you, but it was much more enjoyable than what I imagined, now it is in the list of the best games you have tried on Nintendo Switch.

    Right, I didn't imagine myself playing it a lot. Still, during my evaluation and review, I had a lot of fun, and my family also shared the experience, which doesn't happen when I review any game.

    This annual series from Ubisoft, which is an integral part of its list of titles, was released on every device you can play on, and this part was also the last game available on Nintendo Wii.

    But I'm not here to talk about the past, this is the first time I've played the game in the series, I tried it on the browser with Just Dance Now, but the experience you'll have with Just Dance 2020 on Nintendo Switch is different and better in stages.

    This review will focus on this version, and we will not compare it to the previous parts due to our lack of experience.

    When you buy Just Dance 2020, you'll get 40 songs you can dance to, if you subscribe to Just Dance Unlimited, you'll be able to access 500 different songs, and you can subscribe for a day, 20, 90 or a whole year at a price that's not high.

    But to be honest, I'm a little bit frustrated by closing an extensive library of songs behind a subscription. Still, you'll have a free month with your copy, and during the review period, the publisher also offered a free month to motivate players to stay home, and access to the vast library made everything better.

    I've tried the game most of the time with a Nintendo Switch controller, which often has two if you don't buy an additional controller, this means that you can only play the game with someone else. If there is a larger group, don't worry, you can play with your mobile phone by downloading an app to it.

    You will be able to experience the game with more people, but the wrong side is that you can't choose the two ways to play at the same time, in other words, you have to Play by phone only or using the console.

    Once you choose the gameplay, you will jump straight to the list of different songs, which you can also arrange from the hardest to the easiest. Besides, when you finish the songs, you will be able to open them to more severe difficulty through which you will get a new dance for the same song.

    Sure, there are 40 songs, but there are more than 40 dances, some of you might wonder why you called it "the best quarantine game?"


    With the style of play, all you have to do is follow what is happening on the screen with attention to the timing, and the game records your movements and shows you your record with this song and also shows you who is the best dancer after the song is finished.

    There is no difference in the style of playing Just Dance 2020 from previous years, but it is still enjoyable, and after several dances, you will feel the speed of your heart, and you will feel tired, surely you can only move the hand that holds the console but come on, where is the pleasure?

    What also distinguishes this game is that it is one of the best family games I have ever played; for example, my little sister was more excited than me to play the game during the review period, and even my brother joined us.

    The person who sees you may laugh at what you're doing, but after trying it, he won't be able to leave it either until he's exhausted.

    To move your body, you can activate the "race mode" which will require more movement as well as increase disputing the difficulty of the dances and here lies the beauty of the game because it becomes more than just a video game to pass the time and give you exclusive benefit under these difficult circumstances.

    There is also a group style that you join a team and do a lot of dances, and you can contribute to winning your team by getting a high score with each dance, and it was an enjoyable addition to the game.


    Before I wrote the conclusion of the review, I asked my little sister about her opinion of the game and her assessment of it, indeed not an expert on video games, but she became a veteran player in Just Dance 2020.

    She said that her rating is seven and a half or eight, and the reason she doesn't get a full mark for her is that there are no Oriental songs (there are only two) and that the movements you have to make come quickly and have to be slow. Well, that was the words of a young player, but I agree with her on the evaluation.

    In conclusion, I think Just Dance 2020 is one of the best collaborative and family games where you'll see a lot of smiles on the horizon as you dance. Otherwise, during quarantine, the game will benefit you greatly as you practice and exercise while you're having fun and a lot of tiredness.


    • There is no better dance simulator than it is yet.
    • It offers a fun experience for all ages and is one of the best family games.
    • Adding sweat mode makes it one of the best sports and games you should play while quarantined.


    • The vast content is locked behind a paid subscription.
    • You may not offer a different and new enough experience for just dance 2019 owners (based on our research).

    21 april 2020 12:43 1625

    just dance is not funny for me my school have to dance every week and we use just dance and almost no one like it to do

    21 april 2020 13:45 1625

    im have just dance to me computer and me phone that game have nice😉

    21 april 2020 15:43 1625

    Just dance is using for stream and girls take so many subs lool

    21 april 2020 15:49 1625

    just dance is very good game

    21 april 2020 16:03 1625

    I love that 😍

    21 april 2020 16:04 1625

    Lovely, i played this earlier

    21 april 2020 18:52 1625

    amazing :)

    21 april 2020 20:18 1625


    21 april 2020 20:18 1625

    this is soo helpful though

    21 april 2020 20:19 1625

    L-O-V-E I-T

    21 april 2020 20:19 1625


    21 april 2020 20:19 1625


    21 april 2020 20:20 1625

    that is so amazing

    21 april 2020 20:22 1625

    I think, that is only DLC+

    21 april 2020 20:23 1625

    amazing woow 5

    21 april 2020 20:30 1625

    just dance is a really fun game

    21 april 2020 20:32 1625

    There seems to be a lot of fan of this game, and that's great

    21 april 2020 21:42 1625

    Dndjdnd dhd dbsnd s sns d jd dnd d d nsnd d dndhdhdhjdjdjdjdjdjdjd xjdjhdjdjdjdhnsbd NOT ITS NOT

    21 april 2020 21:43 1625

    bu oyunu sevmedim ama siz sevebilirsiniz sizin kararınız

    24 april 2020 06:59 1625

    Oh amo ese juego pero solo tengo el just dance 4

    24 april 2020 08:19 1625

    I love itt

    24 april 2020 08:19 1625

    You have to always pay money!

    24 april 2020 08:51 1625

    i love it thanks for your article

    24 april 2020 08:59 1625

    Thx for article

    24 april 2020 09:10 1625

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