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    Advanced Childhood Shooter - Doom Eternal

    Hell's armies have invaded Earth. It is up to you to become the slayer and conquer demons across dimensions to stop the final destruction of humanity. Save the civilization, they fear nothing except you. It's an FPS single-player action campaign with glorious graphics details & soundtrack.  


    All at Once 

    If you've enjoyed Doom 2016 or enjoyed any shooter childhood game, Doom Eternal is a tough teacher yet more enjoyable than any game has ever been, in my personal opinion. You will spend hours and hours in it, juggle half a dozen weapons, toss grenades, conquer the hordes of hell to spawn armour and stay afloat. You will also dodge their grenades and projectiles, manage the area, dash in and out, calculate which demon to attack based on who's damaging you the most currently - all at once, in one fight. It is quite obvious that you won't play it without sweating all the time. The main problem of everything is that tutorial cannot be made for such a masterpiece, there is no kind of guidance that can help you through certain situations of this game. You'll do all of that to one enemy, but then proceeding the fight marauder appears with the shield that even rocket projectile can't damage, and you won't stop shooting the marauder while others we've mentioned before will damage you. You will flick enormously fast through your inventory to select a new weapon, and once you spend all the ammo of each weapon you have - you can just hope they all have died. The game is frustrating all the time, and you will rage constantly, but once you get into it more and more, after hours and hours done in it, you will enjoy it like none before, enjoy and relax doing the things that have frustrated you, the things we mentioned before.  Like many big names from the developer team have said, it's all about the brain. When your brain gets to the point of understanding it, when your brain particles lead the firings, when you enter the Flow Zone - that's when you will enjoy. We've said that most of your frustration comes when those marauders with shield appear. Let me ask you, will you frustrate when some of these start dashing even faster than you?


    Strategies in Doom Eternal evolve over the course of the game, and you will simply keep changing them as you get better weapons or as you get better at ripping and tearing that's shielding itself or dashing more than others. The most interesting part of it all isn't necessarily inducing this state for a player, actually the opposite - it is for researchers who are studying the concept. It is not on you to study the game like most are doing, the game will do it for you. Your brain will get used to the new one without any study, the game will lead it. It is all up to your brain, yet it's all based on feelings. And all the people have different feelings, so don't watch the tutorials or tips on the internet as they won't help - you will ruin your satisfaction. It is literally same as when you would ask your friend who's sitting next to you on how he shoots and how he feels he should shoot when his brain gets into the Flow Zone. He would laugh at your question, just as you would laugh at your friends. 


    20 april 2020 04:05 1625

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