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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - PC Review

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a single-player Sandbox Campaign that offers Extensive Character Creation and Progression Systems,
    Realistic Economy and Combat that requires high skill is there to make this game blow your mind. 


    Bannerlord in its system basics actually is a quite complexing game throughout the beginning, but a little bit detailed tutorial throughout tips and quests is there for you to grant you the interesting start yet learn the basics of the M&B II: Bannerlord in itself. 
    The main goal in this game, for your fun, is being a peasant and merchant. Yet, if you are willing to command your armies and swing your sword - your cure is multiplayer. It is a game I have personally waited for years. The reason is simple, it comes with a multiplayer mode which Warband did not have.  Bannerlord is an RPG, a true life simulator, it's a tactics brain-strategy game. You are playing over your character in a world of much more important people, you're the peasant no matter how strong you are. In the beginning, you are granted a sword and huge army to command at first, but you can easily have fun in the other way too - you can become a trader living the more lucrative life. Also, you can become the blacksmith and use your earnings to start your own shop in every major city and you will need to watch over the extraordinary huge market which is there for you not to sell your products. 
    In each case, you will have a way of living "your" medieval period throughout your brain mental view of the medieval age.


    Complexity & Famous-To-Everyone Story

    The game offers you a challenge throughout the toughness of not having a lot of life and death decisions to make when you're watching on how your friend already sold his product in Onira while you can't sell it in Myzea because prices are higher in that city. Figuring out how many foods you can't sell since your soldier will need to consume it afterwards and how many soldiers will die in the next combat which you will do - the game indeed will lead you throughout its complexity. 

    The liveliness of this game actually is apparent when you understand the fact: you can be a great leader with all your armies, you can be a peasant and you can be a merchant - but it's actually not up to you. Whether you interfere with your choice of these 3(the game will lead you to choose these choices) - - Calradia's kingdoms will keep on fighting, caravans will take advantage of shorter roads, and life will just carry on, regardless. Reacting to that instead of determining the course of the world's future - which you can easily do - is actually quite liberating.  


    Character Creation

    Mount & Blade begins right at character creation. Like in Warband, you will build your character by answering mental questions, but the difference in this game is - you will see the results of your choices immediately and how much these answers can impact your character as you select them.  I'll leak you a bit of the point of the question. Your parents were a lord's companion which means you grew up battling and learning to battle two-handed(with 2 swords), but meanwhile, you got some skill. It's all about fitting the right story by answering their questions and watching the huge list of skills each answer grants. Simple as that.


    The Combat & Graphics Details

    The combat in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is nothing else but satisfying. Every single hit actually feels meatier as you ride by and cleave someone in twain with a polearm from horseback. Duels are indeed much tenser as weapon handling has been refined, and troop controls have the ability to select different formations. The fact that improves the combat even more in M&B II is simply the gloriously looking, realistic made, battlegrounds and nature.

    Graphics Details are just, by the single word, glorious. They are nothing we have expected, not even from the trailers of the game itself. Mountains and Grass are beautiful and sharp, horses and people are quick but realistic, castles are medieval but medieval we want. Everything of Graphics in this game is just breathtaking, and if nothing - graphics will make you play it 2 hours longer than you wanted to. The game in itself is quite addictive, by the way.


    And let's make it clear. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is completely advanced Warband with few implementations to make the game more modern and advance the sequel of each other game. The important thing to mention is that Bannerlord will be updated but new sequel will not come, which is someone every fan looks forward to. Also, everything we have said in this review still stands, but don't forget that Warband had some quite glorious castle sieging system. 

    20 april 2020 04:04 1625

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