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    Rise Of Kingdoms-One of the best games for android

    Rise Of Kingdoms is a mobile app for android that is super fun with amazing graphics and fun multiplayer gameplay

    When you start all you have is a city hall, a scout camp, a crop field, a storehouse, a hospital, and an infantry training grounds. As you progress you can buy new buildings such as a quarry to mine stones, a logging camp to get wood, an archery field to train archers, an academy to research new technology and a courier station to buy things from traveling merchants. You can also upgrade things to improve them, for example, if you were to upgrade your archery field you would be able to train more archers at a time. or if you were to upgrade your crop field you would be able to get more crops from that field. As you progress and upgrade your city hall you can move into different ages such as the stone age or metal age, which can grant you new technology such as mining gold.


    There are 4 different main troops you can train. Infantry, Archers, Horsemen and Siege units. these all add to your "Power Level" which lets other players know how powerful you are. These units can be used to fight barbarians that wander the map, barbarian keeps, and forts or even other players! when you battle these people you will lose power as your units get hurt, so when you get back to your city make sure to heal them in the hospital!. the more power you get the more stuff you unlock and the power you get (obviously)


    Alliances are groups of governors who have grouped together to help each other out! In an alliance, you can talk with your fellow members, help and get helped with building/ upgrading buildings, be protected by your alliance members, give and get gifts and even upgrade alliance perks for everyone in your guild. Also, people are less likely to attack you for fear of getting the full wrath of your alliance.

    There are quests and side quests that give rewards such as speed-ups or materials (food, wood, and stone) and the more you complete the better the rewards get. Some quest requirements are "train 100 infantry units" or "collect 1000 food"; these are good ways to get resources and speed-ups. They are grouped into 2 different categories: daily and general. Daily quests reset daily and give chests when you complete a certain number of them, general quests are just one time rewards with each quest value getting higher (ie collect 5000 food ------> collect 10000 food)

    Scouts are sent out to explore the surrounding land and once they have finished the "fog blocks" that block this land will disappear and you will be able to see more land and more governors cities. You can also find things like tribal villages( which give rewards such as units, food or wood, new technology or even items such as maps), mysterious caves (which give random rewards), holy sites (which are hard to take control of but give HUGE rewards and buffs) and barbarian forts and camps (which are hard to kill but give good rewards)
    Lastly, the more you play the more commanders you unlock! Commanders lead your army and will give special buffs and temporary boosts. the more time you use the commander the more XP it gets which will, in turn, allow you to upgrade the buffs and boosts. You can also earn Tomes Of Knowledge (which gives XP to a commander of your choice instantly) and sculptures (which upgrade the commander's skills, such as one time damage or heal). Each commander has a certain power level which is added to your power level when it is selected as the commander you are using.

    In conclusion, with exciting gameplay, the ability to chat and make alliances, the high-quality graphics, the number of things to do and build and the surprisingly low number of things that need money (all are optional) this game is one of the (most likely THE) best games for android

    16 april 2020 16:34 1625

    This Comment Just Finny

    17 april 2020 06:05 1625

    Abi auan bu u exp icin yaziyorum sabkt takili kaldi exp nabicam bimiom yardim edin

    17 april 2020 06:06 1625

    good player

    17 april 2020 08:53 1625

    shen xar yle

    17 april 2020 09:01 1625

    good article man.

    14 may 2020 13:50 1625

    Very good article

    13 june 2020 18:46 1625

    dont really play mobile games

    17 june 2020 05:16 1625

    I found the article very good, great thanks.

    23 april 2021 18:11 1625

    hie bruhe ger

    24 april 2021 14:52 1625

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