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    PUBG Mobile what is the best weapon?

    So i was thinking about weapons in PUBG mobile. For me Scar is pretty good but i dont know i find it rarely so what do you think is the best weapon, any recomendations?

    14 april 2020 16:16 3272

    M416 for better recoil control, AKM for close encounter, UZI for close encounter too, AUG good for mid-range with a 3x or 6x made into 3x

    14 april 2020 16:42 3272

    I generally use vector and sniper

    16 april 2020 16:42 3272

    my best gun in the pubg mobile is m416 and sniper gun is awm

    16 april 2020 16:46 3272

    i think it is the awm cuz ilike it

    16 april 2020 20:13 3272

    AWM is da strongest

    16 april 2020 20:14 3272

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