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    League of legends:Pre-season 8

    Talking about the new masteries, the new levelling system and the future of the skins!
    First, I want to talk about the new masteries, are they better than the older ones?Well, Riot had a great idea, but I think the new ones are pretty unbalanced and Aery is one of the best masteries right now, even when it got nerfed, I still deal over 1500 damage and 1000 shield power almost every game with Lulu and Janna.
    Dark harvest is pretty overpowered too for the same reason- deals too much damage, around 3000 every game.
    Grasp of the Undying is bad, because it's hard to activate and it gives you only around 150-250 health, at least that's mine record.
    But still, you can make very interesting and strong builds with the new masteries and you don't pay for them now.The advantage of the old ones is that, you can focus on only one thing, like full ability power, attack damage, money making etc.Overall, the most stupid thing is that, the mastery pages are not free.

    The next thing I want to talk about is the levelling system.Definitely, it's better than levelling to 30, but I think that system is copied from Heroes of the storm and that's not cool.Anyways, now we can get rewards, mostly champion shards, but skins too.

    The last thing is the skins.In the past few months, Riot made them somehow confusing, I mean, for example, the new project Vayne and older skins like battle boss Ziggs and battle boss Brand.The animations are so strange: Vayne's W is 'pay to win', Ziggs and Brand's skins are pretty hard to see.Some skins are banned in Esports, but these skins should be removed from the whole game, or at least in the normal and ranked games.

    27 november 2017 13:02 1625

    Слишком много урона, около 3000 в каждой игре.
    Понимание Бессмертного - это плохо, потому что это его трудно активировать, и это дает вам только около 150-250 единиц здоровья, по крайней мере, это мой рекорд.
    Все это не так уж и сложно. Преимущество старых заключается в том, что вы можете атаковать, зарабатывать деньги и т. д. В общем, самая глупая вещь заключается в том, что страницы мастерства не являются бесплатными.

    Это система прокачки. «Герои бури», и это не круто. Теперь мы можем получать награды, в основном осколки, чемпионов, но тоже скины.

    28 july 2019 00:06 1625

    NEW SEASON ***!!!!

    28 july 2019 01:56 1625

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