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    Is this game similar to minecraft?

    I don t know if it worth a try

    14 april 2020 13:31 2173

    it is not similar to minecraft but its fun to play and has a lot of games created by users

    14 april 2020 13:32 2173

    Adding onto charank, the only similarity to Minecraft that Roblox has is its blocky characters. The developers of Roblox even tried to implement more realistic models for players to play as, but that was received poorly.

    On Roblox, you can create just about anything that your heart desires.
    Similarly, Minecraft mods can be used to create whatever you want.

    If you are a player in singleplayer mode, Minecraft offers complete control over the game elements from the start. But a Roblox player can't simply terraform a server map when they wish; nor grant themselves everything in the game using creative mode. But, you can do that when your developing a game.

    14 april 2020 23:21 2173

    the game isn’t similar to minecraft. roblox is a multiplayer where you can play many games while minecraft has infinite servers that u can play

    15 april 2020 00:47 2173

    uh it's kind of similar

    15 april 2020 03:26 2173

    but it's multiplayers

    15 april 2020 03:26 2173

    and you don't need a xbox live account lol

    15 april 2020 03:26 2173

    Um no Roblox is not similar to Minecraft but it is a very fun game full of endless creativity.

    15 april 2020 07:00 2173

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