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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection- Review

    Happy aniversary halo fans! The new HALO has been released on steam for a while now , and I'm here to help you to decide on whether or not you should purchase it.

    I've spent almost 100 hours in this game and I need to tell you.... it's not that great. Sadly, the company is more interested in making profits than making a decent game for it's Fanbase.

    Before I start, please be sure to Upvote and comment , as it helps me greatly. I spend 1-2 hours making each and every article that I create, and so your simple upvote and comment helps me greatly. 

    Nontheless, let's continue:


    Some of the missing options and issues I've had:

    A major lack of graphics options. You get three settings - performance, original, and enhanced. That's it. No settings for: motion blur, anti-aliasing, film grain, chromatic aberration, bloom, ambient occlusion, model detail (LOD), texture detail, shadow resolution, render resolution, and so on.

    Minimal custom keyboard/mouse binding. I want to set change weapon to mouse wheel up and mouse wheel down but I can't. I can only set it to ONE button, either mousewheel down, OR mousewheel up. Separate binds for primary/secondary weapons are also missing. It's just too restrictive for the amount of different setups people use.

    In-game cutscenes are locked to 30 FPS, making them incredibly choppy until the cutscene ends and the unlocked FPS returns.

    - Occasionally getting MAJOR input lag as the non-host coop player. And I do mean INPUT lag, not just teleporting around due to bad connection. Movement being delayed for an entire second is unplayable.

    - There's no splitscreen on the only system that could run it with no compromises.

    - Halo 1 uses a bad port and some textures/models/visuals are not displayed accurately.


    For me, it is a coop game first and foremost and if you're looking for the same experience that I crave, I honestly recommend AGAINST getting it ( at least for now, we shall wait for further updates).

    The coop mode is unplayable for everyone who isn't host: you'll get input latency of 0,5 seconds and above. It doesn't matter how good your connection is or even where you live. And since this issue is present since day 1 of release with Reach and now with CE as well, I don't see the devs will ever going to fix this for any following game in the franchise.

    If you have enough fun with MP or Singleplayer, go on and buy it, it's still a great experience but I won't touch it again and hopefully, this review can advise you not to waste 40 bucks on it like I did, expecting a functional product.

    If you're coming over from psn, get this game. You'll see why it's beloved by so many players. Unique storylines, gameplay, banger soundtracks, and the unpredictable multiplayer. But then again, be prepared to face the might of the lag and FPS drops.

    Although this method has NOT worked for me , I will leave here 2 videos that MIGHT be able to fix lag/studdering for some of you who decide to buy the game. I've personally followed the instructions to the book but got no results in exanche:


    Nevertheless, the controls feel great on mouse and keyboard and are not at all "clunky".Been playing coop campaign online without a single problem. Heads up though you DO NOT need to buy the "collection" as technically it's a glorified launcher for the individual games which are labeled as dlc. Buy one or both of the "dlc" and the collection launcher will be put in your library minus of course the unreleased games.

    It's essentially at the moment since 2, 3, ODST and 4 have not yet released an $11 launcher you can get for free if you don't plan to preorder the unreleased games. Otherwise buy the collection if you want immediate access to the future ports as they come out.

    But then again,  343 has been a constant disappointment. Their the type of company that punishes the entire player base instead of the cheaters.
    They are not here for the fan base and have not followed their promises.

    The games are barely revamped at all but this was expected... My main issue is they do not fix any problems and the entire MCC will not be out by the end of 2020 as they promised for months.

    I will give an example. Girfball is one of my all time favorite game modes.

    * AFKers were taking advantage of the fast easy XP in multiplayer. So instead of punishing them by resetting experience they basically removed Grifball... Now it's a random encounter in action pack instead of a game mode.... I played 7 rounds and got nothing but stupid RPG games... So now I cannot enjoy Grifball due to their incompetence. As I said their the type of company that punishes the entire player base instead of the cheaters. (why not ban them or at least from Grifball?) *

    The new problems are not actually that new, lag and hackers were always a problem in Halo which I had enough on X-box. This picture is a freezescreen of the game on X-box.


    At the end, I would recomand aggainst buying it for now, as it is still fairly non-playable because of hackers , afk-ers and trolls..
    Maybe in the months to come, something will change. But I do not belive that will happen.

    I do hope this review helped you in some way , I've already spend almost 100 hours on the game and I know most of the problems from experience.
    Untill next time, Leave a like and a comment!

    12 april 2020 12:53 1625

    The MCC is good only problem in campaign the only aviable is reach and combat evolved at the moment.

    12 april 2020 16:29 1625


    12 april 2020 20:26 1625

    Hellooo hsysbusnhsnusnunauamısmısmıs msısımsımı

    12 april 2020 20:34 1625

    Good job everyone :)

    12 april 2020 20:40 1625

    its a great game but they tried too much to modernize it

    13 april 2020 07:35 1625

    This Game Looks Like

    13 april 2020 09:56 1625


    13 april 2020 09:57 1625

    It used to be good , but the devs broke it on PC.

    13 april 2020 10:04 1625

    It's really hard to play now , because of the hackers , trolls and AFK's..... 😣😣

    13 april 2020 10:05 1625

    I love Halo.İt's best game ever !

    13 april 2020 12:56 1625

    Nice can i please have some gems my dad just got die :(

    13 april 2020 13:03 1625

    Ist a me Mario

    13 april 2020 13:44 1625

    It's a good game.

    13 april 2020 13:46 1625

    loooool lol bye

    13 april 2020 15:36 1625


    13 april 2020 16:12 1625

    hatz cu lapte

    13 april 2020 16:29 1625

    The MCC is good only problem in campaign the only aviable is reach and combat evolved at the moment.

    13 april 2020 20:24 1625


    13 april 2020 20:37 1625

    ko je sa balkana

    13 april 2020 20:49 1625

    neka kaze

    13 april 2020 20:50 1625

    halo is a nice shooter game i love it

    13 april 2020 22:19 1625

    miss the good old days, while playing halo with friends over lan

    26 april 2020 08:37 1625

    the MCC is good only problem in campaign the only aviable is reach and combat evolved at the moment.

    26 april 2020 08:48 1625

    ive never tried halo

    26 april 2020 09:25 1625

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