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    Metro 2033 Last light- Review

    This article will show you the greatness of Metro 2033 : Last Light , a fairly old game with an incredible story, plots, action and npc's which will make you feel like you are in the game!

    You will see the apocalyptic world of Moscow through the eyes of Artyom , a simple russian man who is searching the toxic wonderland of Russia.

    I ask of you to leave a Like and comment , show your support , as this article ( and many others that I create ) took a couple of hours of my time so please, sit down, relax and continue reading Ranger!

    Metro: Last Light Redux offers a great experience for anyone who fancies FPSs or post apocalyptic themed games. With about ten hours of gameplay you will face hard decisions, monstes, nazis, reds and maybe even love.

    The story is nice and fluid, at times it makes you want to play for hours and hours and so on. The graphics are enjoyable and the music and sounds are fitting. The diaries also give this game something unique, allowing you to get even deeper into the feelings of the beloved Artyomoshka. Scavenging ammo and filters is very important so if you decide to just go and not loot each and every spot , you won't get too far.

    Take a look at the deserted Moscow. This screenshot is from the first mission of the game. It's incredibly detailed for such an old game as it is.


    This is not a game anymore, it's actually an experience, the immersion this game brings is unbelivable. So lock yourself in the room door and prepare to face the apocalyptic battleground of Moscow. If by some miracle you haven't played metro 2033 you might find yourself a bit out of place, but it is definitely a masterpiece on it's own.

    I'd say it's as good as it's predecessor or even a bit better, so it's a fantastic game, one of the best story driven fps game I ever played (Besides Half Life of course). Stealth sections are a bit derpy at times but it's a good way to save yourself bullets. Speaking of bullets, this is a survival horror game so be sure to often check your environment especially if you play on a harder difficulty setting.

    + The graphics are still phenomenal even though its 2016.

    + I had no issues with running the game whatsoever

    + Try to challenge yourself and play on a harder difficulty setting

    + You only need to buy Metro 2033. That is, if you still haven't played ( Buy the Remastered "Redux" version)

    + You get all of the DLC included with this "Redux" version

    This couldn't be a better offer for a 20 buck masterpiece

    As dank, irradiated hellholes go, the Moscow Metro might be my favorite one to visit. Sure, it's part of a post-apocalyptic future where mutant predators run rampant and the remnants of humankind live in crumbling subway stations masquerading as city-states, but the Metro has a distinct culture, colorful survivors, and haunting secrets that are almost as much fun to discover as they are horrifying. I love this type of game.. I recommend all Metro games for apocalyptic lovers, don't forget about the books 


    Now as you might know, not everything is good in a game. Let me show you some of the cons of this game.

    -The AI is spotty, at best.

    -The game crashes often; typically just after major encounters or tough areas (This problem happens on fairly old computers with a GTX of 750 or smaller and 2-3 Gigs of RAM)  and sometimes it takes a few tries to load back up again.

    - I can no longer access my save file because of this issue, and so the game has become incompletable 

    -If you decide to use a controller, good luck, friend; even with the sensitivity turned all the way up, I can literally count the seconds it takes Artyom to make a 360 degree spin.

    Atmospherically however, the game is phenomenal, I will say that. The lighting is beautiful, the palette is suitably brown, and the graphics are pretty clean - and as someone who plays his games with a headset, every little rustle and scratch of the ambient (or enemy) creatures of post-apocalyptic Russia is pretty situationally a good headstart. The ambient is wonderful when you hear russian post-apocalyptic nazi's. Don't believe me? They are actually in the game! (and they play a huge plot in the storyline) Take a look at them :


    However, it's sort of one of those personal petpeeves that the game seems to very arbitrarily decide when it is you're going to be able to look down at the rest of your body - and also when you're going to have a proper shadow, let alone a fully-textured one.

    For those of you that enjoy playing FPS with a stealthy twist this game is for you.

    This game is amazing. Great gameplay, story, and graphics. Not that graphics matter, but the highly polished quality definetely makes the game much more immersive than what it already is.

    It also has a TON of content. For example you will find a wide variety of weapons, each customizable and upgradable in it's own way, each with it's own "feel". The extra DLC content is awesome, not only does it give you another 12+ hours of gameplay, it also allows you to play as characters you encounter in the main story providing more of an insight on this dark cold world created by Dmitry Glukhovsky.


    I stronly recommend playing the game in Ranger mode (Look up ) which makes this game even more immersive and realistic, not to mention very challenging as you do not have any UI , you find less armor , less gas filters , less everything. This is the true challenge of this game.

    I hope this review was of use to you, untill the next time, stay safe in the apocaliptyc Moscow ranger!

    12 april 2020 12:53 1625

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    12 april 2020 16:35 1625

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    12 april 2020 17:04 1625

    but i will buy the game

    12 april 2020 17:04 1625

    you have to play it

    12 april 2020 17:05 1625

    Yeah Its really great , I used to play it alot on XBOX , but this transition to Steam and PC was not great. If you've played it now , you would had encountered lots of hackers , afk'ers and trolls saldy... and the devs are not doing much about it :(

    12 april 2020 17:36 1625

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    very good game

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