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    Overwatch free week

    lol so let me start, the free weekend was on overwatch (17-20 nov) and i played, but when it "ended" i was still able to play and its 22nd and i can still play it, many people claimed to having that glitch for next few days (its probably a problem with time) and i actually decided to buy it for 50% off because black friday sale, so who wants to play :D ?

    22 november 2017 17:46 1628

    damn, man why, i bought the game

    23 november 2017 20:37 1628

    Overwatch was free? Why was I not informed?

    24 november 2017 10:36 1628

    Well, tbh, I wouldn't have known as well if I didn't see it on reddit.

    24 november 2017 14:07 1628

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