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    Does this game have players nowdays??

    I saw it few years ago and now i want to play it but i don't know if there are players...

    10 april 2020 21:27 2154

    no its ssuck a bad thng

    10 april 2020 22:52 2154

    100% there are players. At the moment there are over 80k players in game right now on steam. That is quite a lot and that is just on Steam, there are WAY more people playing Warframe through different platforms on pc. So, yes, there are many people who play this game

    11 april 2020 18:56 2154

    Still not sure haven't played in a while but maybe

    11 april 2020 19:11 2154

    The player base is actually quite big, considering it's free.

    18 april 2020 21:15 2154

    Yes, the game is still going very strong!

    19 april 2020 00:57 2154

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