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    What is Fortnite about ?

    Fortnite Battle Royale is a cross-platform free-to-play video game developed by Epic Games. It was released
    for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android (on some versions only).
    It is based on Fortnite, a cooperative survival game with building elements. In November 2018, the game had over
    200 million registered players, with 78 million unique players playing in September 2018.


    Fortnite Battle Royale can be played alone or in small groups (max 4 players). The player can decide whether
    to play Solo (1 player), Duo (2 players) or Squad (4 players). However, the goal of each game mode is to remain
    the last of the 100 players alive. At the start of the game, 100 players are launched from a flying bus to a
    map with randomly generated weapons, elixirs, and other equipment. Over time, the safe zone shrinks and players
    outside the zone (storms around) receive damage points (and may even die). Thus, surviving players are forced
    into smaller and smaller spaces and are forced to clash. Players can take equipment to defeated enemies.
    What sets this game apart from other Battle Royale genres is building and building editing systems. Most of
    the objects in the environment can be destroyed with a pick-up to obtain raw materials (wood, stone and iron)
    that can be used to build fortifications with limited resistance, such as walls, stairs and ramps. These
    objects can be used to move faster through the landscape or to protect against fire. For example, if a
    fortification is built of wood, it will be built faster but has a lower resistance. This is the way it
    proceeds, with the stone building longer, but more durable. Iron is again more resistant than stone, but
    builds longer. If Solo is playing and builds a wall, stairs or ramp, he can still edit it. When playing
    with multiple people (eg Duo or Squad), all players can edit the built part. The one who lasts alive wins.


    Every approx. 70 days in Fortnitu will come a new so-called "season". Every season is something thematic
    (eg Summer, Halloween, Christmas, Space, Time Travel) and usually brings a change of map and a new Battle Pass.
    In December 2018 Season 7 began and skins for weapons and vehicles were added. A large glacier crashed into
    the classic Fortnite map and one third of the map was under snow. Aircraft were also added. In December 2018,
    a creative mode was also added, where each player has his own island, where he can invite other players, and
    where he can do anything from mini-games to fighting with other players in a short time [when?] only for people
    with Battle Pass. At the turn of February and March season 8 started with a pirate theme. A new biom jungle in
    the northeast of the island has also been added. There are cannons with which fire balls can be fired and you
    can fire yourself. Airplanes, golf carts and shopping carts have been removed. The season lasts 70 days as
    usual and ends on May 9th. Between May 9 and August 1, Season 9 took place, with a lot of changes. New
    locations Mega Mall, Neo Tilted and Pressure Plant were added. The Pressure Plant is based on the volcano
    of season 8 and Neo Tilted is based on the Tilted Towers of previous seasons. Another change is the location
    Polar Peak, which was formerly the entire castle, but now it has only a few turrets. New flying platforms in
    the air have also been added and tubes have been built along the Fortnite map to allow players to fly. On
    October 14, the second chapter - Season 1 - was launched. A brand new map was added with new locations and a
    new motorboat. There is much more water on the map and now you can swim and fish. After a long delay, the
    season ended on February 20.

    10 april 2020 17:05 1625

    Itsa great game! I play it since like 2018!

    10 april 2020 19:45 1625

    me since 2016❤

    10 april 2020 19:46 1625


    10 april 2020 19:48 1625

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