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    World of Warships Bonus - Review

    What is the game about? Is it worth playing? Are the graphics, or even the sounds good enough for our era. Find out here.

    In this review, I'm going to be writing about

    • The games trailer
    • Basics about how to start playing
    • Information about the game
    • Is it worth my time
    • Are the Graphics good enough
    • Is it a pay to win
    • And finally ill rate it from 1-5 stars

    The trailer

    Already seconds in the trailer, I already feel the excitement of the game.  The quality and its sounds make it look better than ever.  It clearly shows what we are dealing with. And makes it clear that this is not an easy game to win in just days. It shows that you got to grind to get these better ships. I would say the quality of the trailer pretty good. It's easy to see that’s it’s not a trailer that is made for low budget.

    Basics about how to start playing

    It's about ships fighting in a warzone. When you first start you play against the computer, also known as the bots. When you get a bit experienced and reach level 2 you can finally play against other players like you. When you join a battle, you see that it's an 8 vs 8. You also see your teams name and opponents name if you want to know who you're against.

    World of Warships is a computer game, which got published by the company called Wargaming which were the company who made World of Tanks. The game got published 17. September 2015 and is updated to this date. World of Warships is a multiplayer computer game, where you play against other players around the world. It's super exciting, and you can easily forget about the time when you play it.

    Like I said earlier it's a multiplayer game so you can grab one, or even two friends of yours! It can get wild in the waters against other players. You got to concentrate on winning the battle, and you get satisfied when you do so!

    Worth my time

    If you ask me, I would definitely say it’s worth your time. Most pcs can run this game fine. And it is free. What more could you ask for? Give it a try. Just see how it works out for you. If you like it, stay, and if not, well you wasted one day playing a game you did not like.  

    Are the graphics good enough

    In my opinion, I would say the graphics are excellent. When you set your settings to the highest, it looks pretty good, but if you don't have a good enough computer, I would say you can quickly get annoyed. Or even though it's not the very best, I think you can get used to it anyway. I would also say that the sounds help out a lot. The game really does sound like your in a war in the waters. Like from the start of your match to the end. The sounds make you more focused, and I like it.


    Is the game Pay to win

    Money can give you a lot in life, and in games like Wows (World of Warships) too. Paying can give you a distinct advantage, but in my opinion, it’s not that big of a deal. I feel like if you buy premium stuff in-game, it is not going to remove the fact that if you're not the best at the game. Even though if you buy Premium account time, for getting exp and credits. But I think it just makes the game not that much enjoyable as it could be.

    You still got to buy when you get to higher tiers like tier 8 to 10 you at least need minimal premium time account due to high level of repair costs. But it's first later when you got to know how the game works and so on. You’re going to need the extra XP and the extra credits the premium times going to give you. So, in the end, I would say its semi pay to win. You don't have to buy it. It's just going to take time, to repair your ships in the higher tiers.


    Rating of the game

    In the end I would say that this game is not something they made in some days. It’s really is a game they didn’t just make quickly. In my opinion they did a good job making this game the way they made it. They have at least used months or even years to make this game like it is today.

    10 april 2020 17:03 1625

    I will play it

    11 april 2020 11:16 1625

    e e e e e e

    22 july 2021 22:50 1625

    nice game and article

    23 july 2021 05:12 1625

    i played this game before

    23 july 2021 05:13 1625

    i think we also get sg from this game.

    23 july 2021 05:13 1625

    hello guys im cuwvv

    23 july 2021 06:36 1625

    im cuwv i dont know how to get exp guys help me

    23 july 2021 06:38 1625

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