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    When will gamehag deliver reward ?

    I have ordered a reward for 3 days and the site haven't delivered it. I read in FAQ and they said the product will be delivered in 72 hours.

    20 november 2017 05:00 1628

    i have contacted to Misty and she hasn't answered any of my question!

    20 november 2017 05:10 1628

    They've also written this in the FAQ:

    "Please, also bear in mind that according to our Terms, we have up to 30 days to deliver it!"

    So basically, it's normal if nothing arrives shortly. Gamehag tries to deliver within 72 hours, but you should always expect to wait 30 days. If it takes longer than that, contact support again. You can track time by doing what everyone else does: make a thread with the title that says how many days you've been waiting. You'll earn XP (in case you care) and it'll be easier to remember how long you've been waiting already.

    It took 26 days for me to get Rocket League.

    20 november 2017 11:29 1628

    I've waited 33 days for '50 Hearthstone Cards' just to have it refunded since they didnt have any in stock, or something of the sort.
    Now I'm 32~ days into waiting for a '$10 Steam Wallet', from my experience, unfortunately, they don't seem to really stick to that 30 days to delivery terms.

    Maybe it just depends on what you order as a reward. I really hope they speed up their reward deliveries, I havent been able to convince any of my friends to join.

    20 november 2017 16:47 1628

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