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    Any game suggest?

    Any will do but if possible, suggest me game with survivel like the war of mine, Don't Starve, Oxygen not included, etc...

    15 november 2017 07:51 1628

    I legit thought you wanted games with oxygen, so no underwater breathing and stuff. Then I found out it was a game. Haha, oh well, here you go, fam:

    - ARK: Survival Evolved (survival with dino's)
    - Minecraft (but you probably already knew of this)
    - Terraria (RPG-like survival, more focussed on pretty weapons, monsters and bosses)
    - The forest ((somewhat) realistic survival with cannibals)

    15 november 2017 12:54 1628

    Not exactly the style you're looking for, but have you tried Skyrim? I've yet to met someone who doesn't love the game.

    15 november 2017 23:53 1628

    How could I have possibly forgotten Skyrim? Good call, skullaccio.

    While it's not truly a survival game, you could make it into one, using mods. If you buy the Special or Legendary Edition, you'll have the 3 DLC's, including Hearthfire, which allows you to build your own houses. This is very limited, but thanks to mods, you can expand this.

    While I can't recall the names, there are mods where you have to keep yourself warm or you'll freeze to death, as well as new items to do so. There's also a mod where food and drinks become usefull. If you don't eat, drink and sleep ocassionally, you will receive debuffs, and the longer you take to satisfy your needs, the harder your game gets. But also, if you've eaten, drank and slept enough, you'll get temporary buffs.

    And then there's the building. You'll have to search a bit, but there are mods that allow you to craft and place items anywhere you want and even build houses everywhere, though as far as I know, limited to presets. No walls you can place yourself, altough it's been a while since I've checked the mods, maybe it exists by now.

    Heck, there's even a mod where you have to take a bath every now and then, or you start to smell bad and lower your Speech.

    17 november 2017 10:16 1628

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