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    Misty is ignoring me

    I sent two messages already and Misty is simply ignoring me. The only attention I get from this website is my tasks getting refused. I sent several screenshots already but they don't see it, and Misty (that usually replies in a few hours) is a couple days ignoring me. What did I do wrong? Someone been through this already and can send me good news? Thanks

    15 november 2017 00:04 1628

    I guess she is just being a b*tch about it, just send more messages until she answer you...

    15 november 2017 01:56 1628

    i been though this before, my experience is the msg i sent disappear after i refresh or open a new tab of gamehag
    then i try another task and that task work, i receive my reward and try back the previous one and work agn
    after that i can msg misty agn, until now i still don't know thats a bug or get mute by misty

    15 november 2017 07:46 1628

    You sure its a 'SHE'... anyhoo same here most of the times, may be she's busy

    15 november 2017 07:54 1628

    it takes a few days so just wait

    15 november 2017 08:05 1628

    she's busy enough to talk to me but not to refuse my tasks?

    15 november 2017 20:23 1628

    the instant I upload a screenshot it gets refused. they dont even have time to look over it

    15 november 2017 20:24 1628

    so, I contacted them on discord and they solved it :) thanks everybody who replied

    16 november 2017 13:26 1628

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