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    Guessing Game

    How does the Guessing game work?

    9 april 2020 07:48 1628

    i lost 400 soul gems in guessing game. is it just a gamble or is there math involved in it?

    10 april 2020 05:31 1628

    that one is basically based on your own luck if u lose then u will lose gem and get nothing

    10 april 2020 05:50 1628

    It is a bet, gambling; you bet on a color, and if the color comes out, you win. You need to be level 3 to play the guessing game, but I would not recommend it, you can lose a lot of your hard earned sg in it.

    10 april 2020 15:18 1628

    If you still want to try it out, click ‘Get More’ and ‘Guessing Game’. Go down and bet 100, 200 or 500 on white, green, or gold. If you win, white and green will give you x2, gold x11.

    10 april 2020 15:19 1628

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