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    I have read that contracts seem to be broken. Could anyone tell me if the actually work.

    12 november 2017 21:12 1628

    i dont trust them too much due to experiences with android apps like app nana that never give you the points. i guess that game hag probably will work 'cause this site is 100% legit. Good Luck

    12 november 2017 22:21 1628

    it usually takes a LONG time for you to receive your rewards (like 1+ months), but they get into your account. You can contact Misty as well

    13 november 2017 01:33 1628

    You are better off not doing contracts... Most dont work

    13 november 2017 05:54 1628

    I've done once a single contact - the one with Lords Mobile. It didn't work at first but after contacting Fyber's support it got fixed within 3 days.

    P.S. You should contact Fyber only if you use Wall of Terror.

    14 november 2017 17:31 1628

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