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    does anyone else not get SG from mini-games?

    for some reason I don't get any soul gems when I play mini games I get 300k+ point on the sorscerer but I still get no sg when it says you will get SG for every 250k points

    7 april 2020 12:54 1628

    There is a limit for how much sg you can win playing minigames. When you reach it, you have to complete some other tasks before being able to get more sg from minigames.

    7 april 2020 13:51 1628

    but i never got any gems

    7 april 2020 14:19 1628

    yeah it's the same for me :/

    7 april 2020 15:30 1628

    just play on your Phone, the minigames it is work in mobiles only>

    7 april 2020 19:42 1628

    Yea try on your phone it works well there. Also Minigames dont give you much SG anyways you can earn so much more from articles, games and contracts

    7 april 2020 19:59 1628

    oh ok i just had a few of those runes that give you 100% gems from mini games but they did work... welp now i have to download gamehag on mah phone

    7 april 2020 20:19 1628

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