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    so many people said that they dont get the reward, but trust me you will get it, but u need to wait! like me, i ordered 5 euros steam gift card, and its took a long time to be dilevered, its take 1 month for me. At the first weeks i thought this site was a scam, but no its not. The key is patience and be nice to the admin or the moderator, dont be rude and ur reward will be sent, i know its took a long time, but yea its really worth it right for just only playing games?

    6 november 2017 12:49 1628

    Hello lixkelik! Thank you for your kind words. However, we are still aware 30 days is a long, long time for a reward to be delivered and we will do everything in our power to satisfy your needs!

    6 november 2017 16:30 1628

    it's basically free so yeah it's worth the waiting

    6 november 2017 21:26 1628

    i just got my 5Euro steam gift card :) i had to wait 14 days for it. Im happy :D

    6 november 2017 22:28 1628

    you probably had to wait a longer time to collect the gems, 1 month is nothing when you get for free

    6 november 2017 23:26 1628

    You've said it! :) Cheers!

    6 november 2017 23:37 1628

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