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    What are the odds of getting a good game in the giveaways ???

    Just as the title says!

    3 november 2017 17:08 1628

    Everyone will tell you "very low chance" but imho it's "zero" until I see someone who actually won something good and he is not a secret agent of gamehag :).

    3 november 2017 17:30 1628

    yup. you have a better chance at trading your gems for a steam wallet code and buying the game you want directly from steam

    4 november 2017 06:09 1628

    I think the giveaways are just a quick way to get rid of the heaps of 400 - 1200 SG worth cr*p games, that are lingering in the Gamehag Store. It's a great way to make people think they have a chance of winning Top Notch games, and making them look up to Gamehag for being kind enough to give them a chance of winning one.

    6 november 2017 10:55 1628

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