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    Overall review of Gamehag

    I have been using this site for like a month now.I have used various diffrent sites claiming to give away free stuff.But i was amazed by this awsome site.Here is what i think about this site in general.DO ENJOY.
    By far the best site out there for getting free stuff this site has grown from RAGS TO RICHES with nothing but pure hardwork from their team.Yes i havent seen a better interface or a better layout or even a better CHAT system in any other site that i have used(for those wondering it includes ebonus.gg,marvelousga,dupedornot etc).I am not a very patient person.This means that i wouldnt last long in sites that test it.To be honest i never lasted for a week on the above sites that i have mentioned before.
    Here is a list of the awsome stuff this site provides:
    1.Legit giveaways

    The new giveaway feature has some lovers as well as haters.But i really loved it.Even though i got a game i didnt want ill take it(Who doesnt like free stuff).Impatient people like me are the once who benefit from it the most.But i find it really cool.


    The best witch ever(lol).She is really active,a bit ugly(witches are meant to be ugly!!)and the most helpful thing here in gamehag.Have trouble with anything ask for it youll get it within a day or so(Doesnt include a car or free money or sg).By far the best addition to gamehag,


    Fater than DOMINOS!!.I know a small percent of people havent recieved their rewards but i got mine under 10mins.The codes they provide are 100% legit and not fake at all.They do make money and do appreciate your work in helping them make it.


    The most beautiful and enchanting interface i have seen for a site like tkis in a while.It does make you feel like staying here a couple more minutes or play a couple more games in here,I would spend my time completing offers here than watching a movie(DEPENDS!).The work they have put in is commendable and moreover this site is BUG free(subject to change).I havent found anything in her in my time that i have spent.It is like a second facebook for me.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 i would give this site 10.5!!!I have never felt more comfortable in a site before and i thank the staff of gamehag for providing the global community a site that can be trusted and is FUN!!!.

    3 november 2017 14:57 1625

    That's some interesting review, this site is good, but still has some faulty parts.
    Idk if it's my settings or I don't get any notifications when there's a giveaway,
    or is it like this always?

    and if could also explain the xp system?
    still random or unclear for me.

    13 january 2018 17:31 1625

    There are definitely faulty parts. I was considering writing a review for the site myself, but am not sure if they would accept it (since they might be upset at a few negative points).

    24 april 2019 00:37 1625

    Nice detail, I had quite a few questions earlier.

    24 april 2019 01:06 1625

    i love gamehag so much!

    24 april 2019 02:49 1625

    it's great, especially the picnic chest!

    29 april 2019 02:02 1625

    Its a good app

    29 april 2019 22:06 1625

    i am surprized and thanks that i have the chance to play favourites games and to get gems!!

    29 april 2019 22:30 1625

    Gamehag is the only site where i eaarn enough points for rewards!

    30 april 2019 12:38 1625

    i agree but for me the delivery time is various, for some reason discounted item arrive like 20 days and non discount arrive quick

    30 april 2019 16:42 1625

    I think this is one of the most organized sites out there . I mean look how good the layout looks and how well it functions!

    1 may 2019 17:59 1625

    It's one of the best free rewards website on the internet, with amazing prizes, while earning is insanely easy/ The only bad thing is the rng in chests, but they gotta earn money somehow. Anyways, I would reccomend this to anyone who needs the free stuff for entertainment!

    5 may 2019 20:28 1625

    the site is great, but there is also room for improvement.

    7 may 2019 17:55 1625

    just trying use this apps. i hope much from gamehag. thx

    8 may 2019 09:29 1625

    All spam has been reported! Enjoy your xp loss and thank you for gems!


    8 may 2019 18:12 1625

    Most of you have been reported for spam. Have a nice day while your XP is being taken away.

    9 may 2019 02:47 1625

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