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    How to play Ahri on League of Legends

    This article is about Ahri's abilities and how to play her cleverly.

    Ahri is one of the coolest champions on League of Legends (for me xD). She is very strong and isn't too hard for playing. Let's start with her abilities:

    Essence Theft (Passive): Every time when Ahri hits an enemy with her abilities, she gains a charge. Every 6 charge will make your basic attack to heal you when you hit something. This can continue forever but in case, if you cast a spell when you have this healing effect it will remove and then it will start casting charges again and again. This will help you when you are at low health and can't back because you can lose your turret, so watch your charging condition.

    Orb of deception (Q): Ahri sents an orb to the enemy (remember this is skillshot ability) and it goes straight ahead. When it reaches it's destination, the orb goes back again and deals additional damage to the enemy if he is on it's way. This can help you to kill the enemy under his turret if he is on low health. It can hit more one target at once. Also whe the orb is travelling, Ahri gains 215 bonus movement speed for 1-2 seconds.

    Fox-Fire (W): Ahri summons 3 blue flames which, if you are close to near minion or enemy, automatically shot it/him. They long for 5 seconds and deal around 55 damage(+30% AP) at level 1.It is great combo if you cast first your E and then your W.

    Charm (E): Ahri shot one kiss to the enemy and attracts him to her. In this time he is Charmed and can't move or cast his spells. This is a great way to catch enemy, if he runs from you or have low health and his possition is under his turret. You can escape from him or, if he pushes hard you can hit him with the spell and attract him under an ally turret. You can make a great combo and get an easy kill.

    Spirit Rush (R): Ahri dashes 3 times and spawns three blue flames which hit the enemy champion or the minions which are nearby to her. When Ahri dashes for first time the spell has 1,5 seconds to recharge, then she dashes again and the spell recharges again for 1,5 seconds. This is her most op spell because you can dash between walls like RIven's (Q), you can get a kill under enemy's turret and then you can escape, you can escape from the enemies, you can steal The Dragon, The Baron, The RIft Herald.

    I hope this article will help everyone who wants to play Ahri. Don't forget to comment is this guide is useful and to rate below with stars. Also comment, if you want more articles like this for making the game easier for you! ^_^

    2 november 2017 13:12 1625

    nobody cares this one on gamehag

    2 november 2017 17:23 1625

    It is just a copy from Riot :)

    2 november 2017 19:59 1625

    not that great hero

    9 november 2017 18:07 1625

    She is kinda hard to play, because almost all of her abilites are skill shots.

    13 november 2017 15:01 1625

    Thanks for the XP!

    24 november 2017 16:15 1625

    i love miss fourtne

    24 november 2017 19:58 1625

    Used to main her.. Then mained Zed and forgot all...But now tryna main Zoe tho xd

    24 november 2017 21:05 1625

    Ahri isn't hard to play?I mean in bronze-silver doesnt matter

    5 december 2017 23:05 1625

    Eagleeye for me ahri isn't hard champion i recommend you to try her :)

    6 december 2017 20:07 1625

    zlo2 I tried her a lot,hitting that charm might look easy but you can miss it very easily.However my new favourite champion is Diana,will stick to her for a while,I don't get bored of her.

    7 december 2017 12:30 1625

    Yes she is so strong champion but i didn't play her

    7 december 2017 21:19 1625

    Outstanding and very well-made Do It Yourself guide.

    18 april 2019 00:42 1625

    She is great champion

    21 april 2019 11:06 1625

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