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    RP Games | Roblox

    Roblox is a free game that in general is played by kids with the age of 7-18 but there are some people that are 25 years old and are playing it. In this game, the main thing is to spend time with your friends and have fun but you can make games either. Here you can find all the types of games: MMO RPG, Strategy, Arcade, Simulator, and Roleplay. But even if it's played by kids you can have extraordinary gameplay.

    Today I will show you the coolest RP games in my opinion. Let's start!    

    • The first game of today is "Welcome to Bloxburg [BETA]" :
    "Bloxburg" is an RP game where you can throw party's, work, build houses, spend time with your friends and do a fantastic RP. In general, the people are kind and good and happy to RP with you and other people that want to make a good Roleplay. The bad thing about this game is that there are bugs and glitches that will be fixed soon. So overall the game is good and if you have some Robux and you want to spend them on something cool, buy this game.

    • The next one will be "RoVille". :
    "RoVille" is a similar game to "Bloxburg" but it is free. In this city, you can build houses, work, and spend time with your friends. The bad thing about "RoVille" is the fact that this game has lots of bugs and it needs a lot of work. In general, the game is good and you can give it a try if you don't have Robux but if you have more then 25 Robux I would recommend you to buy "Bloxburg".

    • The third one is "Emergency Response: Liberty County":
    • DxBW4miR65ao6VdxABAjCvlCDayV1V.jpg
    I know this game is based on Police more than city RP but it is a really cool game even if it is not based on city RP. "Emergency Response: Liberty County" is a game where you can play on teams that include Police, EMS, Firefighters, Tow truckers and more. The main teams are Emergency Units(Police, EMS, etc.), Civilian and Criminal. Let's talk about every main team.

    1: Emergency Units: Here you can help civilians in lots of ways. This Section is occupied by the Police team, Sheriffs team, EMS and Firefighters team. In my opinion, this section is the best way to RP in this game.

    2:Civilan: As a civilian, you can be a normal citizen where you can drive around, buy houses and RP properly. This Section includes Tow trucking, uber, etc.

    3:The Criminal team. Here all that you need it's a gun and a car. With this team, you can rob ATMs, make a Hostage Robbery and kill cops.

    This is "Emergency Response: Liberty County". If you have 125 Robux I really recommend you to try this game. It's cool, trust me!

    • The last one is "RoCitizens":
    "RoCitizens" is an RP game where you can furnish your house, work as a cashier, doctor, Police and lots of more and do a good RP. This is an old game but not bad for 2020. It is still in top from 2013 and it is still kept being played with happiness by OG and new players in Roblox. Overall it is a fantastic game that keeps you more and more interested to play the game.

                       And this was my opinion on the best RP game that you have to try! I hope you enjoyed!

    4 april 2020 14:01 1625

    good job nice

    4 april 2020 16:27 1625

    wow i want to play the game

    4 april 2020 17:03 1625

    long time not heard the slenderman game

    4 april 2020 19:38 1625

    haha i like roblox, very good game

    4 april 2020 20:47 1625

    😀 ı want robux

    4 april 2020 22:36 1625

    Join not games

    4 april 2020 22:39 1625

    All i see innroblox is come get your free robux now ..com something

    5 april 2020 01:00 1625

    This is interesting thing to rea about roblox!!!

    5 april 2020 03:24 1625

    I will not say anything......

    5 april 2020 07:36 1625

    İ like to play roblox

    5 april 2020 09:31 1625

    i love these games!

    5 april 2020 10:35 1625

    it's that normal why all say not normal things ;/

    5 april 2020 11:23 1625

    very good niceoi

    5 april 2020 12:02 1625

    RoCitizens need attention lol, it's fun but just too low player

    5 april 2020 12:24 1625

    Tôi love roblox, game so good and I like roblox player (not anymore)

    5 april 2020 12:26 1625

    nice its look good

    5 april 2020 12:59 1625

    s very good i like it!

    5 april 2020 13:00 1625

    game free ?

    5 april 2020 15:35 1625

    i like roblox and robux (i wish i get)😐

    5 april 2020 16:44 1625

    i dont really like rp games on roblox but I love roblox coz its awesome

    5 april 2020 16:47 1625

    yea but there are also many kids who are too clueless to rp

    5 april 2020 17:01 1625


    5 april 2020 18:30 1625

    wo that owsame GOOD JOB

    5 april 2020 18:34 1625

    nice work go forward

    5 april 2020 18:42 1625

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