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    Goat Simulator: A Review

    This third-person perspective action video game developed by Coffee Stain Studios was definitely one of the most fun simulator games the world has ever had.

    In this game, you become a goat and you can do anything you want: headbutt people, meet "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", or even ride on people.
    The possibilities are endless!

    About the game: In Goat Simulator, you will be a goat and you can do whatever you want: destroy things, headbutt humans, or even ride on them. There are unlimited possibilities of what you can do in this game. There are also Golden Goat Statues (they are a small-sized golden colored trophy in the shape of a goat). You can get different skins if you collect Golden Goats.

    Skins for Golden goats which could be collected by Golden Goat Statues:


    Tall Goat, Feather Goat, Giant Goat and Space Goat. (Space Goat would be the hardest to get because you would have to collect all if the Golden Goat Statues to achieve this skin.)


    This third-person offline role-playing simulation game is really fun because you can play and there are millions of possibilities waiting for you to discover. Not only can you headbutt stuff and ruin people’s lives, you can also complete tasks for which if you do something, for example, licking a chair, you can get some points which will be added to your points.

    I would definitely recommend this game because first, it’s really entertaining and hilarious when the goat’s head gets tuck to an object and can’t get it’s head back out.

    Secondly, if you don’t have Wifi, but need something to relieve your boredom, this game is it. If you explore the every place of the map closely, you would unlock new achievements. Once, I swam in the sea just to find a sewer where it was a hideout of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Nah, I’m just kidding. They’re something called “Turdles”.You will have to headbutt them until they died to get Repulsive Goat Mutator. In addition, there’s a trophy inside. Oh,and you will also unlock two achievements: Disgusting(you will get this once you have stepped inside the sewer) and Ling Ling Into Battle Go (you will achieve this achievement if you attack the turtles) It’s really hard not to attack them, because once you have stepped into the room, they will instantly attack you. Don’t worry about the turtles attacking you, unlike other simulation-adventure games, Goat Simulator does not have any health points, so you do not to be afraid of getting hits from the Turdles.


    Cons:Yes, even though you can explore many different places and achieve different achievements, it could be a little boring if you keep on playing it.



    This game is worth downloading and if you guys haven’t tried it out, I promise you it would be extremely addicting and you will never take your hands off that game - , or should I say hoof off that game.



    In all, I think it’s a really fun game, and if you don’t try this game out, you’ll miss one of the best free simulation games in the world.

    I’d say I’d give it an 8 out of 10.

    4 april 2020 13:07 1625

    Tüm simülatör oyunlarını sevmiyorum

    12 april 2020 22:25 1625

    çok güzel oyun ama ben çok begendim

    12 april 2020 22:25 1625

    Best game ever.

    16 april 2020 22:09 1625

    goats there are

    16 april 2020 22:38 1625

    Jedem govna jedes govna

    16 april 2020 22:41 1625

    Very cool

    16 april 2020 23:44 1625

    i havent played it but it sounds like a good game

    17 april 2020 00:13 1625

    17 april 2020 00:19 1625

    great one got it bro

    17 april 2020 01:37 1625

    this game is tufff bro

    17 april 2020 01:46 1625

    like legit doeee

    17 april 2020 01:47 1625

    harika bir oyun

    17 april 2020 02:25 1625

    bu oyunu seviyorum

    17 april 2020 02:26 1625

    في المقدمة ، اكتب باختصار (ولكن بشكل جذاب!) موضوع النص الخاص بك.
    لا تكرر المواضيع التي تم وصفها بالفعل في Gamehag.
    مراجعة ووصف الأشياء المرتبطة بالألعاب.
    يحظر الانتحال والرسائل غير المرغوب فيها.
    اعتني باللغة. لن يتم قبول النصوص التي تحتوي على أخطاء متعددة.
    افصل الفقرات بحيث يكون النص قابلاً للقراءة.
    يجب أن تحتوي المقالة على 2500 رمز على الأقل.
    يجب أن تكون الرسومات بدقة 2000 × 1500 بكسل وأن تكون مرتبطة بالموضوع.
    الابتذال أو التصريحات الهجومية الأخرى ممنوعة.
    لا تزدحم النص بالإعلان أو الروابط.
    املأ جميع الحقول!

    17 april 2020 02:51 1625

    it's funny game but if you play for a long time you will get bored

    17 april 2020 06:01 1625

    Yea goat is a goat lol nvm

    17 april 2020 06:05 1625

    So Many Comment

    17 april 2020 06:06 1625

    good bro :))0

    17 april 2020 12:29 1625

    Very good game

    17 april 2020 12:45 1625


    17 april 2020 14:29 1625

    it's a pretty cool game actually. Especially enjoyable when blazed hahah

    17 april 2020 14:40 1625

    Got it thanks

    17 april 2020 16:40 1625

    Nice .very good

    17 april 2020 17:19 1625

    yess :O :O is very good game :)) ;)

    17 april 2020 17:27 1625

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