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    Half-Life: Alyx, Is it as good as we all hoped?

    Half-Life: Alyx is the newest game in the Half-Life series. something that has been asked for ever since Half-Life 2: episode 2 came out all the way back in 2007. I'm sure all of you are aware of the memes surrounding the newest game and are probably familiar with the joke phrase "Half-Life 3 confirmed" but did this game truly live up to the hype?

    The first thing we should look at are the ratings. Half-Life: Alyx crushes them with a staggering 10/10 on steam an incredible 92% on metacritic and a shocking 97% like ration by google reviewers. These ratings are clearly incredible and the hype around the game obviously didn't disappoint but what makes this game so great?


    Why is it so successful?

    The first thing we have to understand is what makes the Half-Life series so great. Every Half-Life game attempts to pioneer new gaming technology. For Half-life 2 it was its physics engine which was central for many of the mechanics and puzzles. In Alyx it's obviously the VRAlyx is the first VR game of its kind able to compete with AAA titles. Its release was widely celebrated and even though many people don't have VR headsets to play I wouldn't be surprised if some people bought some just to play this game.


    The value of VR

    Alyx really uses VR perfectly. The graphics are fantastic in comparison with what you usually expect from VR and this is one of the most important factors of what makes the game so great. The ambience is unique. You feel afraid at the sight of troopers and monsters to a degree you wouldn't get sitting in front of your monitor. The level of immersion is unreal and honestly can't be compared to normal games. When playing it you honestly feel like a part of the world which makes the experience much more exciting. You get to a point where you are so immersed you might even scream when you encounter an enemy at an unexpected time, it’s fantastic. Valve really pushes VR to its limits, it likes to do that in its games, create new things and progress current ideas. It nearly makes you forget you’re in VR and you really start to feel the struggle of your character, it's like you become her. I would especially recommend this game as your first VR title. Valve has basically engineered this to be the perfect game to get into VR, it uses the VR technology perfectly. It’s truly at a level where the large majority of VR cannot compete on a technical level. 


    The plot

    The plot consists of Alyx trying to rescue her dad, Eli, who has been kidnapped. To save him you have an array of tools such as a remote device to hack electrical systems and an array of weapons which have to be handled aimed and even reloaded by your new virtual hands. This attention to detail coupled with the fact that you can interact with practically everything really brings immersion and world building to a new level. It’s nearly like City 17 (the city you are in in the game) was made for VR as it just fits so perfectly with the theme and style it's honestly incredible.  

    If you are on the fence on whether you should buy this game or even buy a VR headset to play this game, don't be, it's worth it and the VR headset is worth the price considering the hundreds of fantastic titles, like this one, that will come out in the future.

    Disclaimer: Like many of my article for some reason this one was rejected for plagiarism. It's not plagiarised and I spent a lot of time writing it so I would appreciate if you don't reject it for no reason.

    3 april 2020 07:32 1625

    It's good if we didn't have to use VR. I've waited for a very long time for it to be released in VR which is quite disappointing.

    3 april 2020 07:38 1625

    The VR is honestly good though. It's really fun in VR and I don't think it would be the same without. Honestly the way it's made nearly necessitates VR to get the right effect.

    3 april 2020 07:40 1625

    this have nice graphic this is very very good Vr gane i like it

    3 april 2020 09:49 1625

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