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    https://gamehag.com/contests; Those things are like raffle for a gift after you pay a small amount of SG. For those that have a gamble craze or just want to test their luck out check the place out. Once the bar for a reward reaches to 100% a winner will be selected according to the participants that can participate per raffle

    29 october 2017 13:54 1628

    dont misunderstand gamlbe craze as stupidity :) paying 1/5 of a prize to have 1/22 chance to win it is not something any one who can count will believe in :)

    30 october 2017 00:37 1628

    Thats the thing though. There is no point to gamlbing; no matter what you will always lose. Or at least thats the mentality that you want to have in order to avoid becoming an addict.

    Think of gambling a way to test your "luck" or a way to lose money in order to get a giggle out of it.

    30 october 2017 15:32 1628

    you will be surprised to know that doing simple math is not equal to "the mentality that you want to have in order to avoid becoming an addict".
    if you'll try to run across busy highway you'll have the same chance to cross it in one piece as you have with winning in contest. so, why people use subways to cross the street instead of believing in their "luck"? ah, let's blame it on their mentality :)

    30 october 2017 15:38 1628

    tell me, how you can become and addict to loosing everything? it it that pleasant? LOL

    30 october 2017 15:41 1628

    No, the chests dont really give their worth back. Its more gambling in order to get runes to sell for 50 SG.

    30 october 2017 21:47 1628

    Oxana, thats exactly onto why i put luck in air quotes. There is no such thing as luck in life; its all about information and probability. Which i why i was saying in order to enter those contests, is best to think that you have already lost that SG before even entering them. In order to see if you have that 1/9, 1/24 etc chance of winning that reward.

    30 october 2017 21:50 1628

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