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    How it works

    Can you do multiple mobile contracts on gamehag

    Are you play to do 2 contracts at once or does that not work

    2 april 2020 03:37 1628

    You can, the number doesn't matter.

    2 april 2020 03:54 1628

    Ok Then thanks

    2 april 2020 19:06 1628

    I tried the games on Phone but I can't get any gems from the task

    2 april 2020 19:21 1628

    yea i am doing the contracts not the games

    2 april 2020 19:34 1628

    how do you get gems from contracts when you dont need to take a picture

    2 april 2020 20:15 1628

    Um it is something to do with companies contacting each other i imange the would give you a number and once the game finds you did the task it will message gamehag to give your gems. I Dont know acutally how they do it dont take my word for it. Also why does Misty send blank messages

    2 april 2020 21:52 1628

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