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    gamehag rule changes regarding rewards

    Rewards Not Sent? 1) Your Rewards will take from 10 minutes to 72 hours to be verified, ordered and dispatched 2) If your rewards have not been sent to you after 30 days, it will be refunded Note: The time taken for your reward to be dispatched depends on it's value, type and popularity. The more popular the rewards is, the lesser stock there will be. Hence, popular rewards such as the 5 Euro Steam Wallet Reward will take a longer time to be dispatched as compared to other rewards. Please be patient. ***** as you can see no reward is guaranteed now in 30 days. let's discuss...

    25 october 2017 11:20 1628

    The idea is to save up your points for larger rewards, so that there is a bigger chance for them to have stock. If they don;t have stock, you will be refunded and just have to wait again, all you are losing is time. If you forget about the points, they score, so that is unfortunately for us what they are hoping for, but it's really up to you to remember.

    25 october 2017 12:36 1628

    whta if your bigger reward will be stuck for 30 days and then refunded?

    26 october 2017 01:10 1628

    All the same, they might as well just send us nothing and keep refunding our soul gems. Great, you've kept saving up soul gems, and thanks to that refund, you can skip the €5 steam wallet code and go for the €10 code. But then again, that one could be refunded and no matter what you buy, it could always get refunded.

    I honestly wouldn't mind waiting a little longer than 30 days for the game I've ordered, but if that's where Gamehag is heading, it would be great if they'd let us know what's in stock and what needs to be ordered.

    Where did you get this info anyway, oxana?

    27 october 2017 10:09 1628

    it's from discord FAQ. i tried to ask support to clarify what does that means but they gave no direct answers.

    27 october 2017 10:15 1628

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