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    Dang PUBG...

    Either alot of gamehag users really don't like PUBG, or they just don't like it that Gamehag let's them believe it's free to play, while it isn't .

    24 october 2017 14:07 1628

    it's worth buying

    24 october 2017 15:12 1628

    Honestly, €30 for PUBG isn't worth it. €20 is the maximum I would pay for it, but the game is too minimal IMO.

    Just drop, gather stuff, kill some, get killed, rage if not won. And every game you earn coins, which you can spend on outfits...
    I've also heard from alot of people that the game's only enjoyable with friends, and you shouldn't play it alone. I have friends that play it, but they usually switch between League of Legends, and Rocket League, and they're playing it less often.

    24 october 2017 15:20 1628

    selection of games you can redeem on gamehag is prety much for boys who love FPS and all that repetetive action. There's only one game I'd like to redeem (Skyrim), tho it's not available. I'm into old classics - RPGs, strategy, sandbox simulations. There's no games for me to be ineterested in. I wouldn't pay for PUBG even $3. Actually I re-purchased Restaurant Empire II for that price yesterday on sale. That's solid classic game I used to play on CD and I'll play it for hours again if I'll have free time.

    24 october 2017 20:13 1628

    The game is not optimalized at all...

    25 october 2017 06:53 1628

    Definitely got hours of fun from it and will get a lot more. Massive update on the way. If only it would run better on potato PCs.
    Other games I play right now:
    Crossout (free)
    Paladins (free)
    Slime Rancher (not free)(Oxana you might like this)
    Hearthstone (free)

    Game I no longer play but will hopefully again one day:
    Counter Strike
    Metal Gear Solid 5
    No Man's Sky
    Rocket League

    25 october 2017 14:48 1628

    i don't believe people pay 30$ to get it

    26 october 2017 10:35 1628

    Slime Rancher? nah :) I'm too old for that game. I play FootLOL and Surgeon Simulator 2013 instead :)

    26 october 2017 10:55 1628

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