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    How can gamehag see that i have complete a task?

    I have take those screenshots but where i have to post them??Please help me guys please

    1 april 2020 01:52 1628

    you post it on their disc, it's on one of the channels labled as: proof submission
    also hope this helps even tho it's a bit late

    1 april 2020 02:06 1628

    And where can i find their discord??

    1 april 2020 02:09 1628

    Search Gamehag discord o GOOGLE

    1 april 2020 02:15 1628

    Guys thank you i find it but hear to me.I post those screenshots to the proof submission of their discord server and i wrote the name of the task that i complete.Now i have only to wait or something e

    1 april 2020 02:19 1628

    I'm actually curious how some of the apps can know to credit you automatically.

    1 april 2020 11:48 1628

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