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    About WWE 2K18

    Wwe is a wrestling video game which is developed by yuke's and visual concepts and published by 2k sports. 

    wwe 2k game became the king of sports game when wwe 2k15 released. it had many features. then wwe 2k16 and wwe 2k17 came those games made the players mad. those games had great graphics and mindblowing gameplay. so we were waiting for wwe 2k18. it is glad to say that this game has released with beautiful graphics and gameplay. in previous games,there could not be more than 6 players at a time. but this game features 8 players. it has added many features. career mode is amaizing, 2k showcase has a great story. u should play the game and BE LIKE NO ONE. i am playing this game and experiencing like i am watching a wrestling match. in my career, your superstar can roam freely in the backstage area and interact with other players which makes every MY CAREER unique. ROAD TO GLORY mode is added in MY CAREER. you can create a player and use it in my career or road to glory. road to glory is played online with other players.you can earn rewards by qualifying many events in road to glory mode. a feature named carry system is added in this game. this feature allows you to carry your opponent and take him in any part of the ring. you can throw him in chairs, stairs, ladders and tables an even in stage.  this game has more environments, more objects and more possibilities in matches. you can battle avove vehicles or climb scaffolding.
    Seth Rollins is in the roaster of this game. The authority choosed him becaus he is a very unique wrestler. he tries to be like no one. he is not like rock, john cena or tripple h. he is just seth rollins, a very much talanted wrestler. 

    Here is his featuring trailer. 

    24 october 2017 12:55 1625


    25 october 2017 22:29 1625

    cool game

    30 october 2017 08:50 1625

    nice cool game

    30 october 2017 17:42 1625

    cool man! i want the game

    23 april 2019 14:34 1625


    23 april 2019 14:50 1625

    nice i think i will give it a try

    24 april 2019 08:22 1625

    boring what i can say

    24 april 2019 10:55 1625

    I Hate This Kind Of Game Tbh :p

    24 april 2019 12:50 1625

    Sorry No Offence

    24 april 2019 12:50 1625

    this game is awesome and your info too

    24 april 2019 17:06 1625

    It's really good game 😀

    24 april 2019 17:12 1625

    Really liked the older wwe games. The last three have not been as much fun. The original ones were much more playable

    24 april 2019 18:29 1625

    Pay to win. That's what i know if 2k makes sport games

    25 april 2019 15:27 1625

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