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    why cant I sell game that I get from chest?

    I got a game from a chest recently, before you can sell it but now there is no sell button just store to inventory button is present

    24 october 2017 12:42 1628

    It's a giveaway. When you win something at a raffle, you also can't exchange it for money at the raffle host. You can give it away, or see if anyone wants to trade.

    I think most of these raffles are being held to get rid of a bunch of cheap games and to increase popularity. However, if nobody takes the games, then they still have to hang on to those games AND give away Soul Gems.

    Just a wild guess, as usual, but I think the option to sell games from giveaways caused them to lose more than they intended to profit from. I hate not being able to sell these crappy games for Soul Gems, but even so, I can sell them for a very cheap price or give them as a birthday gift, for when I don't have the money.

    24 october 2017 12:55 1628


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    24 october 2017 16:31 1628

    Because Marvelous broke up their partnership with gamehag?

    25 october 2017 10:18 1628

    ****... now it's harder to obtain gamehag soul gem

    26 october 2017 12:14 1628

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