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    Is this game worth purchasing for my son ?

    Is this game child friendly? If so y’all comments would be great

    31 march 2020 20:24 2176

    The game has guns.

    btw the game is free

    1 april 2020 11:26 2176

    The game is free and has some violence

    1 april 2020 12:09 2176

    Write crossaut to google its free ((from gangi)i think)

    4 april 2020 23:08 2176

    The game is free. Only if you would to buy anything inside the game, then you need to pay. On the other hand, cars hit each other with guns. But there is no blood in the game.

    6 august 2020 19:25 2176

    It's a free game

    6 august 2020 20:09 2176

    Game is free and has guns in it but you only use guns to destroy enemy cars and not attacking people and I never saw any type of blood in the game so I think it's safe to get for your son.

    7 august 2020 14:40 2176

    this game is actually free to play. You can purchase in-game item thou. this game only contain guns no blood

    7 august 2020 17:46 2176

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