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    Your feedback matters! - Misty and Discord Support

    Hi there. I have seen a lot of negative feedback about our support team, that is why I created this thread in order to regroup your comments. Please provide only constructive criticism - it is the only feedback we will read! Thank you!

    23 october 2017 13:57 1628

    I'm waiting for 60 days to receive a CS GO SKIN, Misty always answer that he will solve but never do anything, disgusting situation.

    23 october 2017 14:07 1628

    Hi Chrissu. Misty has been great. Helps when she can in a professional manner, even if there is a backlog of cases for her to work on. I cannot talk for anyone else though.

    23 october 2017 14:14 1628

    this website same fine but I got another website that I know how to use and only took me a week to get my first game on it.

    they use Random CD-keys for steam 🙂

    P.S I came from JamoPak Video but nothing he was talking about same real here Ex: new tasks every day nothing changed

    23 october 2017 14:47 1628

    What really bugs me, is when I have to contact support because of a little misunderstanding. For example, here's one of the FAQ parts that many people will search and Contact support for:

    "The rewards are usually sent within 10 minutes to 72 hours hours from the moment they were ordered. If you still haven't received your rewards after this time, please contact our support department."

    When an answer in the FAQ says "contact support otherwise", we would assume that rewards should arrive within 72 hours and that support would try to take care of it ASAP. Instead we get this answer: "Please bear in mind that according to our Terms we have up to 30 days for the delivery". The worst part is that you make us believe our rewards are within 3 days (rather quickly), while most of them arrive within 30 days (quite long). It would be better to write it like so:

    "The rewards are usually sent within 10 minutes to 72 hours hours from the moment they were ordered, though it might take up to 30 days. If you still haven't received your rewards after this time, please contact our support department."

    This will make users feel abit more comfortable when their reward doesn't arrive within the first 72 hours. They'll be bummed if it takes longer, but at least they'll know everything is alright, and it just takes a bit longer than expected.

    23 october 2017 16:02 1628

    Another one of these misunderstandings is the referal system. Here's what it says:

    "For each invited person, who will earn 1000 Soul Gems on their own you will receive 200 Soul Gems"

    You may have put "on their own" in bold, but to me, it still reads like this: "For each invited person, you will receive 200 SG and they WILL earn 1000 SG themselves". "Will" is the keyword here. You're saying that each invited person WILL earn 1000 SG, but what you actually meant, is that they MUST earn 1000 SG and only then will you receive 200 SG.

    It's not that difficult to change WILL to MUST. It's little mistakes like this that causes many people to reach out to support. By clarifying alot of these things, I think support will receive less of these issues and thus have less work, making it easier to get real problems resolved sooner.

    23 october 2017 16:09 1628

    This is a FAQ question that might not make people reach out for support, but if you could explain abit more, you'll make users feel like everything is going well and there's nothing to worry.

    QUESTION: I've ordered a reward, how will I receive it?
    ANSWER: Your reward will appear in your account's notifications.
    ADD THIS TO THE ANSWER: You can track your reward in Your Equipment under Rewards

    This would assure people that the reward is still under way, and that they can prove they've ordered it. Otherwise, we may believe that Gamehag would want to steal our Soul Gems, by saying we never bought the reward. We still have that notification of payment, but many users could forget about that after the 30 days of waiting.

    23 october 2017 16:23 1628

    Thank you guys for your feedback!
    Dracindo, the information about the Soul Gems you get for referring an user has just been changed.
    As for the FAQ, we will improve it very soon and our team and I will certainly consider your suggestions.

    23 october 2017 16:27 1628

    This is my feedback:
    PLease just give me my ******** wallet code, I've wait for it for 25 days jesus christ ! Holy ****

    23 october 2017 16:44 1628

    whom do you have to contact if you got fake key from chest? I asked Misty and got reply "we have 30 days to deliver your rewards", asked on discord and still it's now clear what happens if the key is invalid. that was cheap game so I'm not that conserned but still, lack of action from support in this case. I had no anwer: do I have to forget about that key or I'll get working one.
    that's annoying to now know the outcome of your request. just like we don't know if our reward will be delievered in 30 days. One guy told his walled code has been refunded to SGs after a month of waiting. what we should do in this case if it happens? why it happens? there's no explanation in FAQ about such situations

    23 october 2017 19:19 1628

    Thank you all for your answers, I assure you we have read them all and are up to a further investigation. We will be constantly working to improve the experience you have while reaching our Support team!

    26 october 2017 13:25 1628

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