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    Dead By Daylight is a 4 VS 1 multiplayer asymmetric survival horror game developed and published by Behaviour Digital Interactive. It's a type of game where four players play as survivors who will try to escape the trial and one player takes on the role of a ruthless killer whose only target is to sacrifice survivors to the Entity. The game was first released on 14th June 2016 for Steam and 20th June 2017 for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch version was also released later in 2019.

    The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4.




    The gameplay mechanism is very basic and easy to understand, but it's really hard to master. It has a learning curve. 4 survivors will enter the trial to fix 5 generators and a killer will try to hunt them. If the survivors manage to fix all 5 generators and escape, they'll survive the trial. But if the killer manages to sacrifice or kill all 4 survivors before they can fix the generators, the killer will win the trial.

    The game has 3 different types of levels. Those are the Player level, Survivor level, and Killer level. The player level represents your progression and experience with the game, the survivor level represents your survival rank and the killer level represents your killer rank. Each survivor and killer have their own character levels too. By escalating each level, they'll earn teachable perks, tools, add-ons, and offerings.



    Playing as a survivor is the easiest part of Dead By Daylight. Their objective is to fix 5 generators and escape the trial.

    The survivors must repair 5 generators to power up the Exit gate. Once all 5 generators are fixed, they can open the exit gate and escape. If you're the last remaining survivor, you can still escape through the hatch. The hatch will randomly spawn somewhere in the map once 3 survivors are escaped, dead or sacrificed by the killer.

    Survivors have a massive advantage of playing the game in 3rd Person perspective. They can also communicate with each other by using Discord or Team Speak, even though it's against the game's rules. Survivors can also momentarily stun the killer by using pallets, which can be found throughout the map.

    The game has currently 21 playable survivors. Though they don't have any kind of special abilities, they do have their own special perks.



    Playing as a Killer is the hardest thing in Dead By Daylight. There are a few disadvantages. The first disadvantage is the 1st Person perspective. There's no way to play the game in TPP as a killer, even though the survivors are playing in TPP. The second disadvantage is the lack of FOV settings. You can't adjust the killer's field of view. It's locked somewhere between 70-80 or maybe less. It's very unusual to look at, unlike other 1st person games.

    The killer's objective is to hunt down the survivors and sacrifice them to the Entity. The first strike will put survivors into Injured State (unless you are using some sort of Hex and Perks), and the second strike will put them in Dying State. Once in the dying state, the killer can sacrifice them to the Entity by hooking them successfully. Killers have access to various kinds of Hex and Perks. Some perks help them to kill survivors. One such perk is Memento Mori, which gives the killer an ability to kill survivors by hand. It's a Latin saying, which means "Remember Death".

    Currently, there are 19 killers in the game. Each one of them has their own different weapons and abilities. But the core gameplay mechanism is pretty much the same.



    Dead by Daylight is a complicated game. It’s very hard to describe its balancing. Sometimes the game is very well balanced, sometimes it's not. It highly depends on which killer is playing and which perks the survivors are using in a specific match. It is random and unpredictable, so as the game balance.

    Some people might argue that it's a Pay-to-Win game which is not true at all. You can earn Iridescent Shards which can be used to buy killers or survivors from the in-game store. You can earn these shards by gaining experience points and increasing the player level as you play each match. You don't have to spend a single cent on DLCs. You can have all the DLC Chapters for free just by playing the game. So, the argues about paid DLC killers has nothing to do with the game's balance.



    Let's talk about the pros and cons for a moment. The pros are it's a very addictive game, it has a huge player base with helpful community contents and guides. It's a great game. But, one of the major issues in Dead by Daylight is the hit-boxes. It's often frustrating to deal with. Not to mention the character collision system, it's one of the worst I've seen. The game doesn't have a proper ranking system. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran, there's a high chance that you might get into a rank 10-12 match. Also, the game is badly optimized. It does not have proper graphics settings. There are no options to play the game in true fullscreen mode, no settings to turn V-sync off. No matter how bad the game graphically looks, it requires a decent gaming rig to play just in low settings. Also, it's locked in 60 fps.


    Despite all those negativity, it still is a great game in its own way. It's addictive and enjoyable, also frustrating at the same time. Currently, it has "Very Positive" reviews on Steam. If you're interested and want to try it out, I highly recommend playing with friends.

    7/10 GREAT

    Played and reviewed on PC (Steam)

    29 march 2020 08:52 1625

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