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    Nvidia Graphics Card Comparison

    This article will compare the latest GTX 10- Series Graphics Cards from Nvidia.
    So there are 2 main graphics card manufacturers. Nvidia and AMD.
    On the Nvidia side we have the 10- series which includes the 1050s, 1060s, 1070s and 1080s.

    For the 1080s we have 3584/ 560 CUDA cores, 1480/1607 Clock speed (in Mhz) and Boost clock at 1582/1733. 11 Gbps Memory Speed.
    For the 1070 cards we have 1920 CUDA Cores, 1506 Mhz Base Clock and 1683 Mhz Boost Clock. 8.0 Gbps Memory Speed
    For the 1060s we have 1280/ 1152 CUDA cores, 1506 Clock speed (in Mhz) and Boost clock at 1708. 8.0 Gbps Memory Speed
    For the 1050 cards we have 768/640 CUDA Cores, 1290/1354 Mhz Base Clock and 1392/1455 Mhz Boost Clock. 7.0 Gbps Memory Speed.

    So if you're confused on all these terms I threw at you, look no further. CUDA Cores are nVidia's proprietary programming model which stands for Compute Unified Device Architecture which is a special programming language to control the speed of the graphics cards. Base Clock speed is the normal speed that the graphics card will run on where more is better. Boost Clock is basically the Base put into an "overdrive" mode for more intense video tasks like changing your resolution from 1280x720 to 1920x1080.

    Wait... There are different companies selling this:
    So if you just got convinced into buying one of these cards and searching for one right now you might be confused with companies like Gigabyte, EVGA, MSI and Etc.   These are legit companies that basically have the "base" model of the Nvidia graphics card, tuned and have their logo and name plastered on the package.

    20 october 2017 11:02 1625

    Pretty good explanations, You probably should have included the base prices of each aswell, otherwise👍

    22 october 2017 13:28 1625

    thank you but you should atleast put in the 900 series too

    23 october 2017 08:41 1625

    Thx everyone for letting me know your thoughts. I'll make a new one with improvements when I can

    26 october 2017 03:32 1625

    which company makes good gtx 1080 ?
    evga or other ??

    28 october 2017 15:29 1625

    What about the 1070Ti, when its released where will it stand among its bros???
    Is the 1060 6Gb enough for all the games at 1080p?

    19 november 2017 15:42 1625

    how about GTX 1050Ti for low-medium gaming at 1080p
    Or the 1060 is the least best option for that????

    20 november 2017 10:22 1625

    Thx everyone for letting me know your thoughts. I'll make a new one with improvements when I can

    24 march 2019 21:23 1625

    good guide, but when i'm picking my graphic card manufacturer i'd just google it and see a review

    25 march 2019 04:32 1625

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