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    Survey: Are you currently in a coma? -- Me: No -- Survey: Sorry, no surveys fit for you.

    19 october 2017 22:44 1628

    Because obviously someone in a coma would be able to fill out a survey.

    19 october 2017 22:45 1628

    screw surveys

    19 october 2017 22:53 1628

    I probably got denied for other reasons, but it's funny when they ask you one question like this, and it feels like you got denied, solely because you're not actually in a coma or don't own a flying carpet 😆

    20 october 2017 06:48 1628

    Yeah its a test question to check that you are not just clicking next next next. Had one asking my if I had ever passed away. Good times.

    20 october 2017 15:18 1628

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