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    Do you know bleed

    hello guys today i will be talking about a game in arcade style called bleed 
    Bleed, a platform action game with its own style, gives you a skin of Wryn, a way to get the title of "Best Hero of all time", where its objective is to defeat other diverse characters that have this same title in several different phases. 

    The inner look of the game instead of the memory of nostalgic games that you may have experienced in childhood and at the same time bound with excellent and balanced graphics and gameplay, further provoking this previous feeling, with a subtly captivating story about these games.Graphics: It uses retro graphics, but different from the current great majority, the generation chosen to "emulate" is the 16 bits (generation with which I grew up), I really liked this detail despite having a simple art.

    so lets see the points 

    history: as a arcade the game don't have lots of history but is very good in a way you can understand all what is happening

    Gameplay / Mechanics: I played with an Xbox 360 joystick so I will evaluate with this in mind, it has a smooth and fun gameplay, several weapons to unlock and bullet time (the first time I see this in a sidescroller), although sometimes you lose a little, having to shoot, jump, and give a dash at the same time eg.

    Audio: Very simple, and nothing out of the ordinary, which is acceptable for a small game, and with the price range presented.

    Final Thoughts: The game is a great pastime to play between games, or simply to escape from games with deep history, but the game is nothing spectacular.

    if you gonna buy this game i imply you use a controll will be eazier to you
    this game cost U$ 5,00 what is very cheap to a game with that quality 

    19 october 2017 18:39 1625

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