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    Immortals crashed Gigabyte Marines ambition

    Gigabyte Marines bot lane were destroyed absolutely
    Despite the wrist injury information before the match, Flame is still in the Immortals squad. Levi has a very aggressive jungle attack, Kayn. Meanwhile, Nevan continues to bring ignite - heal with Lulu. GAM react to Immortals move with an early invade and they have the first blood. Great start for the Gigabyte Marines: First minute, the first blood for Optimus's Ryze. But IMT realized Lulu has no flash and punished that by camping on him( 3 deaths ). Without wards and focus on Ardent censer Nevan couldn't have any vision for GAM. But Xmithie and Olleh's control are so well that help the Immortals enabled to have turrets in a row, with a single team fight that make the Immortals three important kills. They had the first Baron of the game early on. 31 minutes, 2 lanes and the next Baron for Immortals. Gold difference between GAM and IMT has been widened with objective (9k5 at 32 minute). Despite many fights, Levi and his teammates could not lay all their cards on the table   when there were too many differences in the amount of money.Immortals finished the game after 40 minutes playing. Unfortunately, the representatives from Vietnam and congratulations to the Immortals. They have 3 games to go in hopes of competing for a ticket in the ring start with Immortals at 12 October 11AM (GMT +7). After that is 

    12:00 Longzhu Gaming vs Fnatic
    13:00 Fnatic vs Immortals
    14:00 GIGABYTE Marines vs Longzhu Gaming
    15:00 GIGABYTE Marines vs Fnatic
    16:00 Immortals vs Longzhu Gaming

    19 october 2017 17:53 1625

    nice and amzing info you are awesome

    16 april 2019 06:03 1625

    great, wow alot of informations you have

    20 april 2019 21:59 1625

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